Concerned Health Professionals of the UK (CHPUK)

  1. Vision
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Central Aim
  4. Funding
  5. Steering Group
  6. Membership
  7. Logo


  1. The vision of CHPUK:

Our vision is of an inclusive, progressive and vibrant country where people and resources are respected, regenerated and sustainably managed and developed. Where communities are healthy and prosperous and are a fitting place to bring up families in a clean and unspoilt environment. We want this vision to be sustainable for the generations that follow us.  


  1. Mission Statement:

Concerned Health Professionals of the UK (CHPUK) will highlight the reported/ published public health risks and harms that exploration and Unconventional Gas Extraction (UGE) methods pose to the people of the UK. (UGE is a descriptor that includes High Volume Unconventional Fracking; Acidization ect) we will refer to UGE as an umbrella term within our documents and papers.

As health professionals, we have dedicated our working lives to serve and care for the people of the UK and critically we support the belief that public health and the safety of our communities is the central consideration in the development of energy policy for the UK. 

CHPUK will take a science based ethical approach to towards supporting the achievement of a moratorium/ ban on UGE throughout the UK until science can show that there are no significant risks and harms to people and the environment. 


  1. Central Aim: 

By means of a petition letter, signed by similarly concerned health professionals, we will urge the Government to conclude that from the large amount of high quality, peer reviewed evidence from international sources, nothing short of a moratorium that may lead to a complete ban on UGE can be considered in the UK. 

We will Inform and engage with health professionals and other relevant communities, individuals, organisations and politicians in a manner which will be respectful and challenging.

We are committed to an ethos which is non-confrontational, non-intimidating and non-violent.

Steps to achievement include:

  • Develop and maintain CHPUK web site, to produce a letter that will bear the signatures of registered health professionals.
  • Attend clinical /professional venues to inform and educate health care professionals.
  • Taking a science-based approach we will inform, Educate and increase awareness of the general public, professionals and communities of the public health issues relative to the UGE industrial development in their area.
  • Campaign & Lobby the Government and Agencies to effect change and reach our central aim
  1. Funding

As a small voluntary group we achieve funding through small grant schemes & private donations. Funding and spends are approved by the joint Chairman and Treasurer. General travel & subsistence payments will not be refunded to members of the committee. Expenditure will be for goods and services for example, posters, banners, t shirts, presentation equipment, stationary, Technical and specialist services such as IT services.

Accounts will be published annually. Though the work of CHPUK is expected to be completed within a year. 


  1. CHPUK Steering Group/Associates:

Patron               Dr Ian Fairlie


Carol Hutchinson   Co-Founder/Chairperson              

Dr T Thornton        Co-Founder/Chairperson

Secretary                TBC

Julia Walsh             Frack Action New York (Associate)

Susan Carton         CHP of Ireland. Lecturer in Health Studies (Associate)

Paul Slattery           IT Mangement

Mike Mouat             Media & Photography  

Treasurer                Mark Allcock – Accountant


CHP of the UK are not supported or affiliated to any political party. 

Our Patrons and formal affiliations will be published on the CHPUK website.


6 CHPUK Membership:

Membership will comprise people that are registered health professionals that choose to  sign the letter to the Prime Minister and agree to the values of Concerned Health Professionals of the United Kingdom.

The term health professional will be in keeping with guidance from the World Health Organisation described within the following link.  


  1. CHPUK Logo: See head of page

CHPUK is affiliated to:
Concerned Health Professionals of New York.

We are delighted that our friends in New York are supporting us in this campaign
Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland.
Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland (CHPI) was launched in May 2016.

CHPI urged the Irish Government to conclude “that nothing short of a complete ban on High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) and the exploration & extraction of Oil & Gas from shale rock could be considered in Ireland.”

Fracking was banned in Ireland on the 28th June 2017, due to the combined efforts of the public and concerned health professionals’ effectively lobbying the decision makers about the risks and harms of extreme fossil fuel extraction.

“CHPI was set up with the generous help of our friends in New York and now in turn, we are glad to lend our support to CHPUK in their call for a Moratorium/Ban on fracking in the United Kingdom.”

CHPUK are delighted to have the generous support of CHPI & CHPNY in our campaign to bring the United Kingdom approach to Unconventional Gas Exraction together. This means we need to make a huge effort to effect a change in the policy of the current government and decision makers in England.