CHPUK works with Registered Health professionals who are concerned about the public health risks and harms of Unconventional Gas Extraction and exploration processes. We aim to inform, educate and to lobby for change in government policy calling the government to invoke the Precautionary Principle and establish an immediate moratorium.

Through our petition letter, CHPUK will urge the Government to conclude – from the evidence available – that an immediate inquiry & moratorium should be applied to the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels through UGE techniques in England. This will bring England into alignment with Ireland and Wales.

CHPUK is affiliated to:
Concerned Health Professionals of New York.

We are delighted that our friends in New York are supporting us in this campaign
Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland.
Concerned Health Professionals of Ireland (CHPI) was launched in May 2016.

CHPI urged the Irish Government to conclude “that nothing short of a complete ban on High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) and the exploration & extraction of Oil & Gas from shale rock could be considered in Ireland.”

Fracking was banned in Ireland on the 28th June 2017, due to the combined efforts of the public and concerned health professionals’ effectively lobbying the decision makers about the risks and harms of extreme fossil fuel extraction.

“CHPI was set up with the generous help of our friends in New York and now in turn, we are glad to lend our support to CHPUK in their call for a Moratorium/Ban on fracking in the United Kingdom.”

CHPUK are delighted to have the generous support of CHPI & CHPNY in our campaign to bring the United Kingdom approach to Unconventional Gas Exraction together. This means we need to make a huge effort to effect a change in the policy of the current government and decision makers in England.