Concerned Health Professionals of the UK ( )
are delivering a letter to Theresa May today, signed by 147 Health Professionals, appealing to her green legacy aspirations. We are asking her to recognise the health risks from fracking and the threats to the climate crisis that it brings.

Methane has a high impact on climate change, 80 times worse than CO2. It is vented or leaked onshore and offshore as a result of gas extraction in the UK. With the methane come other, more toxic gases, which may be the pathway for the range of significant and inevitable impacts on health. Fracking is particularly poor in releasing methane to the environment. Worse still, the intended use for much of the fracked gas is for plastic production.

The whole process of fracking is highly damaging to communities and its often rural locations. It is deeply unpopular in those areas but also across the country. The manifesto of Conservative Environment Network calls for a ban of fracking, demolishes the supposed benefits it should bring and recognises it is woefully unpopular with Tory voters who prefer onshore wind.

This experiment should be over, the people have demonstrated in many ways over and over that they don’t want fracking, They don’t want more investment in gas production and they don’t want the plastics. Health professionals call for a wise legacy from Theresa May and a safer future from key ministers and leadership contenders.

Dr Tim Thornton (Retired GP)
Co-Chair Concerned Health Professionals of the UK

Middleton Hall; Pickering, YO188NX.
(01751 472283)

Carol Hutchinson (Retired Nurse)
Co-Chair Concerned Health Professionals of the UK
Tel: 0114 2280825

Ref CEN Page 22
Concerned Health Professionals of New York (A compendium of peer reviewed science, a good read for a week)

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