The time is here. We are preparing to send our letter to key ministers at Westminster.
If you have colleges that wish to support this letter please remind them now!

Concerned Health Professionals of New York is the organisation that inspired and supported our efforts to alert health professionals to the possible harms of fracking in the UK. They have produced an update of their collection of evidence based articles, papers and opinions which reflects the 15 years of experience of fracking in USA and to a lesser extent Canada, Australia and UK. The whole Compendium is an interesting read, raising as it does, concerns across a number of areas. Dense scientific papers have been condensed to a readable paragraph and I expect that many will wish to use the links to read the originals and decide on the accuracy of the simplicity. This is the go-to reference for fracking and health, the environment and communities. Dip in and decide for yourself. The extracts here are from the overview of the sections.

The document can be downloaded from this link: